Even basic expenses like rent or heat can go unpaid when an elder is struggling just to buy food and medication. When some clients come to CBES they may have fallen behind on payments and are looking for help getting back on track. Your gift can help keep the door open for an elder to stay in his or her own home.

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Respiratory problems and other medical conditions can be aggravated in hot weather. An air conditioner impacts the overall health and well being of an elder. Your gift gives an elder relief from the heat waves of Boston summers year after year.

Whether it is being relocated to an assisted living community or moving to a less expensive apartment, moving is a stressful experience for an elder. Packing up all their possessions, labeling and loading them into a truck can seem like an impossibly large task. Your gift empowers an elder to have a choice to relocate when their living arrangements no longer suit their needs.

Bed linens and towels can seem like a luxury to an elder living on a fixed income, but are truly a necessity for a healthy comfortable home environment. Your gift will offer an incontinent elder comfort, warmth, and care that many of us take for granted

Even after insurance coverage or reduced costs many elders cannot afford the cost of hearing aides, dentures or other dental procedures they desperately need. Your gift assures elders the ability to hear and eat without fear of enormous bills are unable to pay.

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