Options Counseling

Options Counseling is a person-centered, individual decision support process that takes in the consumer’s needs, preferences, values, and individual circumstances. The Options Counselor is there to assist seniors age 60 and over, persons with disabilities of any age, family members and caregivers, individuals facing rehab or nursing facility admission and individuals entering or residing in a nursing facility who are not on MassHealth.

The counselors advise people who are soon to be discharged from a hospital or rehab facility; have been admitted to a long-term care facility following a hospital stay; are facing admission to or residing in a nursing facility, or can remain in the community if a family caregiver receives needed assistance.

Please contact our Options Counselors for more information or to make an appointment. They will visit you in your own home, meet you in the hospital, or meet with you in a nursing home or in a rehab facility. They are also available by telephone and email.

Meet the Counselor

Neicey Skeens – Options Counselor
617.277.7416  Ext. 2259

You May Have Questions

We can help with questions like:

– Can I live in the community safely and independently?

– What services and supports are available for me in my home?

– Can I go to a rehab facility or nursing home temporarily and then return to my home?

– What services, assistive devices, or home modifications are available to support me in my home?

– Will my insurance cover the costs, and if not, what funding resources may be available for services and supports?

It's Free

The program is funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission and offered through the Suffolk County Aging and Disability Resource Consortium, a group of non-profit elder service and disability organizations.

The Time Is Now

An Options Counselor can help you develop your own personal long-term care plan and connect you to options and supports that help you remain in the community whether you are:

– In a nursing home
– In the hospital
– In a rehabilitation facility
– In a community setting
– Or in your own home

Groups We Serve

– Seniors age 60 and over
– Persons of any age who have a disability
– Family members and caregivers

Services We Provide

– Unbiased information about long-term services and supports
– Assistance with referrals and resources as needed
– Information about resources available to pay for the services
– Referrals to experts in the field of your particular disability
– A consumer-driven approach that ensures that your choices are respected
– Follow-up and help with planning next steps
– Counseling when and where you need it