Projects & Quality

What is the Projects & Quality Department?

The Projects & Quality Department works with all departments to ensure program compliance, vendor oversight, customer satisfaction and operational excellence.  To achieve this, the department operates independently from all programs and business functions, reporting directly to the CEO, and it brings together under one umbrella several complementary quality assurance and project management functions:

  • reporting and reporting development;
  • auditing and analysis;
  • process (re-)design;
  • project oversight; and
  • technical expertise

Projects & Quality Mission

The Project & Quality Department’s mission is to drive new internal and external initiatives as well as provide operational oversight and support to the organization that ensures CBES staff and partners have the knowledge and tools necessary to consistently deliver a high quality of care to its consumers and provide accountability to key stakeholders.

Meet the Team

John Lucido – Director of Projects & Quality

Lisa Hamilton – Quality Assurance Manager

Eric Hernandez – File Room Supervisor

Stephanie Li – Senior Analyst

Evelyn Hodges – Auditor

Helene Murphy – Auditor

Meet the Director

John Lucido

John Lucido

Director of Projects And Quality

Central Boston Elder Services, Inc.

2315 Washington Street

Boston, MA 02119

Telephone: (617) 277-7416, Ext. 2216

TTY: (617) 277-6691

Fax: (617) 516-0292

The Director of Projects & Quality provides vision and oversees execution of agency projects, reporting tasks, and quality assurance activities that ensure full compliance with all applicable State (Division of Medical Assistance and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs) and Federal regulations, as well as Central Boston Elder Services Policies and Procedures.

The Director works collaboratively with program managers and senior management to provide further training and support to supervisors and staff in refining their practice of care management and supervision at CBES.  Working collaboratively with colleagues within and outside the agency the Director identifies, develops, and implements strategies, policies, and procedures that address issues relevant to programs as well as execution of quality service delivery and customer service. The Director oversees a team of project and quality assurance specialists to achieve these goals.

How are we doing?

We are always seeking feedback on what we’re doing well and what we can do better. If you would like to provide feedback please contact:

Lisa Hamilton
Quality Assurance Manager
(P) 617-277-7416 Ext. 2324
(F) 617-277-2005