Our goal is to hire a diverse group of talented individuals who are committed to the Agency’s mission of ensuring the safety and well being of elders and those with disabilities residing in the Greater Boston area.

If your passion is to join an organization where you can make a difference, have a positive impact on the lives of others, Central Boston Elder Services is the place for you!


Diversity at Central Boston Elder Services is not a goal, but rather a journey. It is an endless process identifying and incorporating differences in an ever-changing world. At CBES, we understand the importance of diversity and are passionate about the mission we have undertaken. Acknowledging and taking advantage of differences in who we are, how we think, how we contribute ultimately creates a workforce that is more productive and accepted in the marketplace.

Interested Applicants

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CBES Benefits

The Benefits Package includes but is not limited to:

    • Blue Cross / Blue Shield Health & Dental coverage – effective first day of employment
    • Paid Vacation, Holidays, Personal, and Sick Days
    • Retirement Plan – 403B
    • Tuition Assistance
    • Short/Long Term Disability Insurance – Employer Paid
    • Life Insurance – Employer Paid
    • Health Reimbursements and Flexible Spending Accounts

Open Positions

To learn more, please review the list of employment opportunities outlined below.  Click here to see the flyer

Bilingual Care Manager

POSITION:               Bilingual Care Manager 

DEPARTMENT:      Home Care 

DESIGNATION:       Non-Exempt / Union 

SUPERVISOR:         Home Care Team Manager 


The Bilingual Care Manager (BCM) is an essential member of the CBES Home Care Interdisciplinary Team. BCM works collaboratively with CBES Team RN and other members of the Interdisciplinary Team and interviews elders for Home Care Services to determine eligibility in home, hospital, nursing home, or different health care settings.  BCM conducts face-to face or telephonic assessments of elders’ physical, social, emotional, and environmental status within required time frames to determine elders’ unmet needs, identify elders’ goals, and develop a comprehensive service plan to support these goals. BCM completes all home visits and paperwork within guidelines of EOEA regulation and CBES policies.



  • Conduct initial and periodic face-to-face or telephonic assessments with elders as required by EOEA regulations and CBES Policies
  • Work collaboratively with the CBES Clinical Team, participated in joint assessment with Team RN as needed.
  • With elders’ participation, in collaboration with other members of the Interdisciplinary Team, develop and implement a comprehensive service plan utilizing:

Informal supports (family, friends, clergy, etc.)

Community resources (medical, legal, housing, etc.)

Home care purchased services

Other available resources

  • Coordinate service provision collaborate with vendors, health care providers, and other human services agencies to ensure service delivery as outlined by a comprehensive service plan, Personal Care plan, and other directives and preferences as stated by elders.
  • Participate in the hospital or Skilled Nursing Facilities discharge meetings as required.
  • Conduct wellness check phone calls and/or emergency home visits during emergencies to determine elders’ whereabouts.
  • Identify elders in at-risk situations, including abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. Report to and collaborate with appropriate crisis intervention agencies, including Protective Services and Elders at Risk programs, to alleviate abuse, neglect, and other crises.
  • Act as an Advocate for the elders. Assist elders with housing issues, public assistance, insurance, and financial benefits, long-term care admissions, legal matters, including identifying needs, locating resources, and completing all applications and paperwork as necessary. Provide access to essential services to elders in the community by translation of functional needs to CBES Intake staff and other community service vendors.
  • Refer elders to other appropriate programs, including Medicaid Waiver, Respite, and Managed Care in Housing or other available and appropriate resources.
  • Maintain up-to-date consumers’records, including progress notes and all other required forms.
  • Complete, file, and submit for review on a timely basis all home care forms, referral forms, and other documents as required by EOEA regulation and the CBES policies.
  • Provide translation between CBES staff and non-English-speaking consumers as needed.
  • Provide translation of written material, e.g., brochures, letters, forms, etc., when needed.
  • Complete, review and submit reports, statistical information, and other administrative paperwork as required by the Home Care Management Team and/or current the CBES policies.
  • Participate in the Quality Assurance process of home care service delivery as directed by EOEA regulation and CBES policies, including peer Care review and home visits. Provide feedback on vendor service provision for annual audits.
  • Update professional skills, knowledge of community resources, and gerontological issues.
  • Keep informed of all current CBES and EOEA regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Attend Complex Case Review and Focus Group meetings.
  • Meet with CBES Behavioral Health Specialist
  • Attend all required meetings and training.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by CBES Management.


  • Bilingual Care Managers must be fully fluent verbally and written in English and one of the following foreign languages
  • Must have excellent skills in observation, assessment, and problem-solving.
  • The position required strong organizational skills, including the ability to manage time effectively to meet deadlines.
  • Must be able to handle diverse responsibilities and work independently.
  • Good interpersonal skills, including the ability to relate with elders, caregivers, administration, and the ability to collaborate in an interdisciplinary context are required.
  • Effective advocacy skills, including understanding and sensitivity to cultural issues of the target client population.  Basic knowledge of community resources and programs and the ability to empower elders in improving their quality of life.
  • Must be able to work in urban, multi-ethnic and multi-racial neighborhoods.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, Social Work, Nursing, or equivalent experience and a minimum of three years’ experience in the human services field, preferably working with elders. Must have a basic knowledge of gerontological issues.


  • Ability to lift and carry objects frequently weighing up to 10 to 15 pounds.
  • Ability to climb stairs.
  • Ability to travel to the community to perform visits at consumers’ home and in other health care settings, such as nursing homes, Adult Day Health Centers, etc.
  • Work requires regularly standing, stooping, and bending.

Geriatric Support Services Coordinator (GSSC)

POSITION:            Geriatric Support Services Coordinator (GSSC)   

DEPARTMENT:       Special Programs

DESIGNATION:      Non-Exempt / Union

SUPERVISOR:         Sr. LTSS Manager

POSITION SUMMARY: The Geriatric Support Services Coordinator (GSSC) is a care manager assigned to work with SCO enrollees as well as serving as a member of the Primary Care Team (PCT).  In partnership with the SCO Program Coordinator, the GSSC is responsible for coordinating and providing community social services to SCO enrollees as directed by a contract between CBES and SCO Plan, and in accordance with the SCO’s policies, procedures, and practices.


  1. As a member of the Primary Care Team (PCT), participate in initial, ongoing, Post-Hospital Assessments of the health and functional status of enrollees via face-to-face, virtually, and /or telephonically. GSSC is required to participate in varies types of assessments as outlined in the contract between CBES and respective SCO Plans.
  2. Work in collaboration with the other Primary Care Team members to develop community-based care plans and related service packages necessary to improve or maintain an enrollee’s health and functioning.
  3. Arrange, coordinate, and authorize the provision of appropriate long-term care and social support services for enrollees (with the agreement of the PCT and following requirements set forth by the SCO). These may include but not be limited to ADL and IADL assist; housing; home-delivered meals; SNAP assistance; transportation, Mass Health Recertification, and referrals to other community organizations.
  4. Monitor the appropriate provision and functional outcomes of community long term care services that have been authorized by the PCT.
  5. Track enrollee transfers and adjust the service plan as deemed appropriate by the PCT and per requirements set forth by the SCO.
  6. Provide care management services in-person or via the telephone and email as requested by SCO RN.
  7. Prepare documentation and enter assessments in the agency database (SAMS and SCO CERs).
  8. Perform all services following state and federal law and written SCO management protocols, including timely entry of all information required recording in Centralized Enrollee Records (CER).
  9. Maintain care management documentation as specified in SCO care management protocols and directed by the CBES contact with the SCO plan.
  10. Report suspected Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FW&A) as required by CBES FW&A policy.
  11. Protect Consumers’ Personal Health Information (PHI) and report any suspected security breaches.
  12. Respond promptly to enrollee service requests.
  13. Attend and participate in PCT, agency and departmental meetings, team meetings, and CBES training as required.
  14. Complete all training as required by the SCO Plan.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Must have an ability to assess clients and their respective needs, in additional to having knowledge of the community-based service network.
  • Excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills required.
  • Previous experience and a comfort level working with a diverse population of staff and a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Access to a car is required.
  • Knowledge of other languages preferred.


  • Bachelor’s Degree and two years of professional experience in Case Management, Service Coordination, Outreach and/or advocacy with persons over the age of 65 preferred.


  • Ability to lift and carry objects frequently weighing between 10-15 pounds.
  • Ability to climb stairs.
  • Ability to travel to the community to perform visits at consumers’ home.
  • Work requires regularly standing, stooping and bending.

Protective Services Worker

POSITION:              Protective Services Worker

DEPARTMENT:       Protective Services

DESIGNATION:      Non-Exempt / Union

SUPERVISOR:         Protective Service Supervisor


Receive and investigate reports of elder abuse and self-neglect.  Provide consultation and referrals as necessary.  Complete comprehensive assessments of the elder’s needs, risks and capacity to make decisions.  Provide problem-focused, goal-oriented, short-term casework/counseling interventions to elders determined to be suffering from a reportable condition of abuse, neglect, financial exploitation and/or self-neglect. Ensure all documentation is entered into Harmony APS computer software in accordance with protective service regulations and agency policies.



  1. Receive case assignment of elder abuse and self-neglect and consult with PS Supervisor, as necessary for clarifications and directions.
  2. Complete comprehensive assessment of assigned case within 30 calendar days from date of referral.
    1. An emergency report will be responded to within 5 hours. Rapid Response reports within 24 hours. Non-emergency reports within 5 days.
    2. Assess elder’s capacity to consent to Protective Services.
    3. Contact relevant collaterals, as necessary.
    4. Consult with supervisor throughout investigation and on case opening.
    5. Continually assess and document elder’s level of risk and Capacity.
    6. Meet weekly, or more frequently if needed, with designated PS Supervisor to review cases, discuss case determinations, risk assessments, and changes in consumer status.
    7. Complete all case documentation as required by EOEA and CBES policies and procedures.
  3. Develop a Service Plan with PS Supervisor, and review with elder for consent, when appropriate.
    1. Develop and implement a service plan to which the elder has consented.
    2. Research, locate, and match services to elder’s needs and preferences utilizing the least restrictive, appropriate intervention.
    3. Enter written service plan into APS with timely revisions as required.
  4. Participate in 24-hour on call coverage as scheduled.
  5. Participate in receipt of intakes and entering intakes into APS in a timely manner.
  6. Represent the agency in external meetings as required, including statewide EOEA Meetings.
    1. Participate in regional and statewide PS meetings as necessary.
    2. Initiate and present PS community education trainings as necessary.
  7. Participate in relevant agency and EOEA trainings and keep informed of EOEA regulations and guidelines as necessary.
  8. Attend and contribute to department and Agency staff meetings.
  9. Protect consumers’ Personal Health Information (PHI) and report any suspected security breaches.
  10. Perform all services in accordance with state and federal regulations, and CBES policies and procedures.
  11. Other duties as assigned.


  1. A Master’s degree from an accredited school in social work, psychology, counseling, human development, nursing or gerontology plus at least one year of experience in counseling, casework, or case management preferably in a Protective Services, domestic violence or crisis intervention capacity; OR a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school in social work, psychology, counseling, human development, or gerontology plus at least two years’ experience in counseling, casework or case management providing protective, domestic violence or crisis intervention services.
  2. Prior experience working with elders preferred; sensitivity to elder issues required.
  3. Must demonstrate strong assessment skills.
  4. Effective client advocacy skills and the ability to empower elders as well as people with disabilities in improving the quality of their lives.
  5. Knowledge of Home Care and MassHealth Programs, as well as other community resources and basic knowledge of gerontology issues preferred.
  6. Strong written, interpersonal, and presentation skills that convey a positive attitude and build relationships with clients and coworkers in an urban, multi-ethnic and racially diverse environment.
  7. Must be organized and detail oriented, possess strong time management and priority settings skills with the ability to handle diverse responsibilities and to work independently with minimal supervision.
  8. Strong computer knowledge, skilled in Microsoft office programs, and proficient typing.
  9. ASAP and EOEA documentation experience preferred.
  10. Ability to work in a fast-paced and changing environment.


  • Ability to lift and carry objects frequently weighing up to 10 to 15 pounds.
  • Ability to climb stairs.
  • Ability to travel to the community to perform visits at consumers’ home.
  • Work requires regularly standing, stooping, and bending.