We care for the people who care for the people!

The Facilities Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of CBES buildings and grounds. It also provides preventive and corrective services, creating and caring for the physical environment in which those who help elders live independent and fulfilling life can flourish.

Scope Of Work/Responsibilities

  1. Ensuring that the facility is operating as it should on a daily basis. 
  2. Dealing with emergency issues that arise.
  3. Formulating plans for the future.
  4. Creating plans for replacements and repairs.
  5. Developing and managing vendor contracts.

Meet the team

Seva Sobolev – Facilities Director

It is our goal to continuously improve the level of service we provide to the CBES community. If you would like to report issues with the buildings or request services please contact the facilities department at facilities@centralboston.org