Residence Service Coordination (RSC)

What is a Resident Service Coordinator?

The Resident Service Coordinators (RSCs) maintain regular office hours at the assigned site(s) and meet regularly with Property Management staff to review new referrals and to provide updates regarding ongoing case status and issues. In the role of RSC, the goal is to triage resident issues and provide consultation to the Property Management Team.

What does the RSC do?

– Meets with Property Management staff at assigned buildings at least weekly to review and prioritize referrals.
– Establishes, posts, and maintains weekly office hours at each assigned building.
– Conducts formal and informal needs assessment of residents referred and prioritized by Property Management staff.
– Creates and implements action plans to resolve identified issues.
– Coordinates referrals to programs to assist residents with personal care needs and the maintenance of their living spaces as needed.
– Evaluates and refer residents for mental health interventions.
– Documents the actions taken to resolve the issue or concern and any necessary follow up actions.
– Provides Assistance and information about accessing and navigating systems (e.g. completing BHA residents’ social service agency applications, reading and translating correspondence and paperwork.)
– Provides telephonic interpretation services to facilitate communication between other RSCs and residents if fluent in the language spoken by the resident.
– Coordinates at least one health an dwell-being service event monthly for residents, such as periodic eye, podiatry, hearing and dental clinics, visiting nurse, exercise, health fairs, and other similar events.

Resident Service Coordination (RSC) is provided in 10 Boston Housing Authority buildings. Buildings include St. Botolph Apartments, Torre Unidad (Unity Towers), Patricia White Apartments, Doris Bunte Apartments, Martin Luther King, Jr. Apartments, Holgate Apartments, Washington Manor, Hampton House, Frederick Douglass Apartments, and Pond Street Apartments.